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A Rushville Historical Society?

It has come to my attention that Rushville does not have its own dedicated historical society. Apparently Bremen's historical society encompasses Rushville...but Bremen is not Rushville. And so I feel that it would be beneficial for those of us interested in the history of the village and the surrounding area have its own group to discuss history, share photos and stories, and just generate interest in local history. Such a group could also help to generate interest in local historical projects like the Winegardner Chapel restoration. What do you think? Would anyone be interested? I know a lot of people who have grown up here and lived here all their lives hold a lot of this local knowledge and it would be a shame if we cannot capture that history to share with others, even newcomers like myself. History once lost is gone forever. Here are a a few of the old postcards of Rushville I have collected recently that I thought would be worth sharing.

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amanda boice
amanda boice

Great idea! I love the history of this town and there is so much I don't know! I tried for the longest time looking up anything about the Village on line and I could never find much if anything that I didn't now. I knew who founded the town and things like that but, little else. Then I talked to you and you found a lot at the Library in Lancaster! I have been trying to do the same but, I haven't had the time yet! I love your idea of Rushville having a historical Society! Maybe it will make it easier for people like me that have been trying to find out more about the towns history but, not…

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