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Rules, Regulations, and Ordinances

* Documents are accessible via Google Docs which requires a Google login.  You may request any of the files below by emailing:

Rules, Regulations, and Ordinances 

2024 Work Items

Fairfield Federal Bank CD Ordinance 1-2024

Strand Contract Ordinance 2-2024

Consulting Engineering Contract Ordinance 3-2024

Village Administrator Non-Residence Ordinance 4-2024

2024 Village Appropriations Ordinance 5-2024

2023 Work Items

Generator Bid Ordinance 1-2023

Street Maintenance Fund Ordinance 2-2023

Village Administrator Ordinance 3-2023

New Maintenance Hire Ordinance 4-2023

Past Due Account Collection Ordinance 5-2023

Natural Hazards Mitigation Resolution 1-2023

New Maintenance Truck Ordinance 6-2023

Town Hall Deed Solicitor Ordinance 7-2023

Sewer Operating Fund Ordinance 8-2023

Village Appropriations Ordinance 9-2023

Covid Relief Fund Ordinance 10-2023

Snow & Ice Ordinance 11-2023

Firearms Ordinance 12-2023

Online Bill Pay Ordinance 13-2023

Pay Rates Ordinance 14-2023

Preliminary 2024 Budget Ordinance 15-2023

Amend Street Appropriations Ordinance 16-2023


Street Paving Modification Ordinance 17-2023

General Fund Amendment Ordinance 18-2023

Post Notice Ordinance 19-2023

New Truck Ordinance 20-2023

Truck Loan Ordinance 21-2023

Open Fire Ordinance 22-2023

Streets Maintenance Ordinance 23-2023

Revised Firearms Ordinance 24-2023

Fairfield County Budget Committee Resolution 2-2023

Emergency  Snow Removal Ordinance 25-2023

Sewer Operating Fund Ordinance 26-2023

Water Operating  Fund  Ordinance 27-2023

Water Debt Rates Ordinance 34-2023

Sewer Rates Ordinance 35-2023

Hourly Pay Rates Ordinance 36-2023

2024 Temporary Appropriations 37-2023


Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance 3-1983




Clerk treasurer pay rate-2015

Mayor salary ord-2015 


Fiscal officer salary ord-2012 


Council salary rate ord-2009/2010


Fiscal officer salary ord-2006/2008 


Billing clerk salary ord-2005/2008  


Billing clerk salary ord-2006/2008 


John prentice pay scale ord-2005


Sewer and water employes rate ord-2005/2007  


Street cleaning and miscellaneous labor pay ord-2005 


Water board pay scale ord-2002/2004


Billing clerk pay rate ord-2003/2008 


Council salary ord-2002/2003


Sewer maintenance salaries ord-2001/2003


Salary rate fiscal officer ord-2012 


Snow Plow Ordinance 


Snow plow-2015 


Snow plow-2014 


Snow plow-2013 


Snow plow-2012 


Snow plow-2011


Snow plow-2010 


Snow plow-2009 


Snow plow-2008 


Snow plow-2007 


Snow plow-2006 


Snow plow-2005 


Snow plow-2004


Snow plow-2003


Snow plow-2001


Snow plow-2000


Water Rates/Sewer Dedication 


Water rates ord-2013 


Water rates ord-2013


Water rates ord-2003/2005


Water rates ord-2003/2005 


Water rates ord-2003/2006 


Sewer rates ord-2001/2004 


Wastewater project ord-2008/2009


Sewer dedication ord-2004/2009 


Sewer rates ord-2003/2007 


 Wastewater project ord-2004/2007


Wastewater upgrades ord-2003/2006 


Renter deposits water for sewer ord-2005/2006 


Wastewater treatment improvement ord-2004/2005


Wastewater operator ord-2004


Water supply service bremen ord-2003/2011 


Wastewater treatment improvement ord-2004/2005


Wastewater operator ord-2004


New water system hook-up specifics ord-2003/2007 


Water system contract ord-2002/2006


Water system contract res ord-2002/2005 


Water system contract ord-2001


Water System ord-2000/2002


Water system backflow prevention 2001 

Secondary Depository Ordinance


Secondary depository ord-2014 


Secondary depository ord-2013 


Secondary depository ord-2003/2009 


Secondary depository ord-2004/2008 


Official depository ord-2012 


Official depository ord-2007 


Secondary depository ord-2003


Official depository ord-2002/2007 


Official depository ord-2000/2009 


Official depository ord-2012


Theft Prevention Program


Theft prevention ord-2009


Cable TV 


Cable tv ord-2002/2009 


Cable systems ord-2003/2004 


Cable tv agreement ord-2001/2002 


Village Solicitor Ordinance


Village solicitor ord-2008/2009


Village solicitor ord-2001/2009 


Village solicitor ord-2001/2008 


Village solicitor ord-2006/2007 


Village solicitor ord 2001/2006 


Village solicitor nord-2002/2005 


Village solicitor ord-2003/2010


Village solicitor ord-2002/2005 


Village solicitor ord-2003/2010 


Village solicitor ord-2002/2009 


Village solicitor or-2001/2007 


Village solicitor ord-2000/2005 


Village solicitor ord-2000/2006 


Village solicitor ord-2000


Village solicitor ord-2000/2004 

Village Solicitor Ord 2022


Provision With Lancaster

Provision Agreement with Lancaster ord-2007/2009 


Provision of prosecution services with lancaster ord-2008/2013 


Insurance Ordinance 


Ohio municipal joint pool ord-2008/2011


Ohio municipal joint pool ord-2002/2008 


Ohio municipal joint pool ord-2004/2006 


Ohio municipal joint insurance ord-2012




Parental responsibility ord-2008/2010 


Parental responsibility ord-2008


Prosecution services ord-2003/2008 


Public record policy ord-2006/2007 


Traffic signal ord-2002/2007 


Meeting Minutes


Meeting minutes-jan 2010


Meeting minutes- feb 2010 


Meeting minutes- march 2010 


Meeting minutes- april 2010


Meeting minutes-may 2010

Meeting minutes-june 2010


Meeting minutes- july 2010


meeting minutes- august 2010


Meeting minutes-september 2010


Meeting minutes-october 2010


Meeting minutes- november 2010


Meeting minutes-december 2010


Meeting minutes-january 2011


Meeting minutes- february 2011


Meeting minutes-march 2011


Meeting minutes- april 2011


Meeting minutes- may 2011


Meeting minutes- june 2011


Meeting minutes-july 2011


Meeting minutes- august 2011


Meeting minutes-september 2011 


Meeting minutes-october 2011


Meeting minutes-november 2011


Meeting minutes- december 2011


Meeting minutes-january 2012


Meeting minutes-february 2012


Meeting minutes-march 2012


Meeting minutes-april 2012


Meeting minutes-may 2012


Meeting minutes-june 2012


Meeting minutes-july 2012


Meeting minutes-august 2012


Special meeting minutes-july 2012


Meeting minutes-september 2012


Meeting minutes-october 2012


Meeting minutes-november 2012 


Meeting minutes-december 2012


Meeting minutes-january 2013


Meeting minutes-february 2013

Meeting minutes-June 2022

Meeting minutes July 2022

Meeting minutes July 2022 Special 

Meeting Minutes August 2022

Meeting Minutes August 2022 Special

Meeting Minutes October 2022

Meeting Minutes November 2022

Meeting Minutes December 2022


Meeting Minutes January 2023


Meeting Minutes January 2023 Admin


Meeting Minutes January 2023 Special


Meeting Minutes February 2023

Meeting Minutes Feb 16 Special Meeting

Meeting Minutes Feb 28 2023 Special Meeting


Meeting Minutes March 2023


Meeting Minutes April 2023


Meeting Minutes May 2023


Meeting Minutes June 2023


Meeting Minutes July 2023

Meeting Minutes August 2023 

Meeting Minutes August 2023 Special 

Meeting Minutes September 2023

Meeting Minutes October 2023

Meeting Minutes November 2023

Meeting Minutes December 2023

Meeting Minutes January 2024

Meeting Minutes January 2024 Special

Meeting Minutes February 2024

Meeting Minutes March 2024

Meeting Minutes March 2024 Special

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Report May 2022

Finance Committee Report June 2022

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes Nov 2022

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes June 2023

Misc. General


Miscellaneous expenditures fund creation ord-2006


Record retention and equipment disposal ord-2002/2006 


Voidece july 2009 


Weapons ord-2004-2005 


Capital project fund roads ord-2003/2004 


Weapons ord-2004


Capital projects fund-roads ord-2003/2004


Water supply and service bremen ord-2003/2011


Bremen water supply rates and duties ord-2003/2005 


Water fund and debt retirement escrow account ord-2001/2004 


Public nuisances and dilapidated building ord-2002/2003


Water system backflow prevention ord-2001/2008  


Water system contract ord-2001/2005  


Water service ord-2000/2010 


Water service agreement ord-2001/2012 


Capital projections ord-2000/2003 


Water system ord-2000/2002


Records retention and equipment disposal 2006


Notice of contract hillyard gen contract- june 2010 


Emergency management res-december 2010 


Garbage contract-april 2011


Move monies res- 2011 


Emergency management res- 2011 


Moving forward ohio ord-2012 


Public assistance grant prog ord-2012 


Move monies ord-2012

Misc. 2022 Items

Streets Ordinance July 2022

ARPA Ordinance July 2022

OPWC  Resolution July 2022

Sewer/Wastewater Ordinance August 2022

Sewer/Wastewater Collections Operator Contract August 2022


Ordinance 10-2022 - Sewer Rates

Ordinance 9-2022 Pomeroy Grant

Resolution 3-2022 Sewer Rates

2023 Budget Ordinance 5-2022

Sewer Operating Fund Ordinance 3-2022

Water operating Fund Ordinance 8-2022

Ohio Public Works Resolution 2-2022

Village Historian Resolution 1-2022

Street Appropriations Ordinance 4-2022

October 2022 Ordinances

Sewer Operating Ordinance 12-2022

Street Fund Ordinance 13-2022

Hazards Mitigation Resolution 14-2022

Sewer Operations Ordinance Nov 2022

Ned Mathias Contract Ordinance 18-2022

Employee Labor Rates Ordinance 17-2022

Highway Fund Ordinance 15-2022

Sewer Maintenance Ordinance 6-2022

2023 Budget Ordinance 14-2022

Temp Appropriations Ordinance 21-2022

Ohio Basic Code Ordinance 22-2022

Current Working Documents 

2022 Payments List

2022 Deliquency List

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